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TTS combined single line elements.

Single line stand alone

One row robot module, to bolt on a frame

    • Made for...

      The single line stand alone transplanter from TTS is specifically designed to give you flexibility with mounting it on wider frames. Typically for wider row distance spacing and high capacity planting. Therefore, it can be used for many sorts of seedlings. 

    • Specifications

      With the single line stand alone the seedlings are distributed over one rows by one robot. The robot should be mounted to frame. The numbers: 


      • Average output 5000+ plants per row per hour

      • Complete standalone robot for row spaces from 30 inch (75 cm)

      • Only 12V and compressed air needed

    • Practicality

      The special design of the single line stand alone is to enable high capacity planting of seedlings at wider row spacing: 

      • Ideal for existing or tailored constructions

      • Easy bolt-on construction to change row spaces

      • Easy to re-mount on various row spacing width

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