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Tray Handling Systems

TTS B.V. can also deliver u other severals types of Robotics. U must think about the brands ABB, Fanuc and Comau.


What this means for you, is that TTS B.V. can advice and inquire different solutions to the palletising wish of the customer.

tray handling system.jpeg

Road transport trailer

Length transport trailer for your automatic Transplanter or other wide machines: 

  • Strong reinforced frame

  • Extra low hitch

  • Beam cat. II and III

  • Mechanic transport blocking

  • Strap down points on both sides

  • Wooden planks of 40mm thickness

  • Lightning plate

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic braking system, hydraulic lifting kit

  • Ask TTS for pricing, accessory and lengths available

trailer 2.jpg
trailer 3b.jpg
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