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Operator changing plants at the High density / Multi rower transplanter in operations

High density / Multi rower

Compact planting of your seedlings, at narrow row spacing

    • Made for...

      The high density / multi rower transplanter from TTS is specifically desigens for planting seedling in narrow row spacing, such as: 


      • Forestry seedlings
      • Salads
      • Head lettuce
      • Onions
      • Herbs
      • Flowers/ornamentals
      • Other close row crops
    • Specifications

      With the High density / Multi rower the seedlings are distributed over multiple rows. The numbers: 


      • Available for planting 3 till 8 rows per robot
      • Multiple robots in one frame possible
      • Average output of 5000+ plants per row per hour
      • Row spaces from 4 till 24 inch (10 till 60 cm)
      • High density up to 25 plants per meter per row
      • Automatic ground pressure control
      • Plant on flat or raised beds
      • One machine operator needed
    • Practicality

      The special design of the High density / Multi rower is to enable compact planting of seedlings at close row spacings


      • Small, simple, fast

      • Due to the design great visibility on the plant rows

      • Easy maintenance with a minimum of moving parts

      • Various seedling trays fit the tray cassette

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