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Automatic Transplanters for vegetable fields & forestry

TTS is the leading provider of innovative, high quality, reliable automatic transplanters for vegetable fields. These machines meet the needs of the horticultural and forestry industries. With the automation of TTS the multiple handling of trays can be reduced and productivity increased. And it saves time! Our automatic transplanters have been operating for a long time and ensure great comfort for the worker. Depending on the type of transplanter or combinations of robots, the machines have an indicative production up to 6000 plants per row per hour.

User friendly automatic transplanters

Over the years TTS developed many automatic field transplanters. Our machines are simple, compact and easy to use. Each model of the TTS Automatic Transplanter removes the seedlings from the propagation trays with a specially designed gripping head and places this in a cup. The cup then makes sure that the seedling gets into the ploughshare. The push out system determines the right plant space and depth.

The TTS Automatic Transplanter is suitable for planting various plants and vegetables, for example:

  • Brassica

  • (Romaine)Salads

  • Tomato

  • Tobacco

  • Fennel

  • Sugar cane

  • Forestry seedlings

  • Many more


Optional accessories: watering devices, pesticides, fertilizer dispensers,
water tanks, etc.

Fully automatic transplanters

The fully automatic field transplanters of TTS can work with different sized vegetable trays, no specific tray needed. The plant robot will adapted to the tray selected by the grower. One of the features of this very innovative machine. The automatic plant robot replaces a worker, the machine works by itself. Only one operator is needed to feed the plant robot with seedling trays. Our machines are featured with an easy depth control and automatic plant distance control for optimal dimensions and a high productivity.

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