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Automatic transplanters for fennel

Fennel seedlings are a typical use-case for the TTS automatic transplanters. The transplanters of TTS exceed in their high capacity, reliability and capabilities. If you have any questions for your specific fennel field conditions or material considerations, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We're happy to share our experiences from many fennel fields with you. 

Image by william f. santos

Questions about fennel transplanter 

Do you have any questions about the automatic transplanters for fennel? We're here to help you!


Please sends us your question, click on the button below or simply send an e-mail to

Price of automatic fennel transplanter

Would you like to know the price of an automatic transplanter for fennel for you? All TTS transplanters are tailored for each field. Therefore, to provide you with a price please provide us with your field details in our document. To get this document, please click the 'request quote' button below. 

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